Of Hatred And Happiness

I was reading this comic by Zen Pencils, ‘The Artist Troll War’, and as most of their comics do, this one stuck to my heart right away. And this reminds me of what I read in ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne, to watch your words and try not to spit out negative ones.

Oh I regret all my negative thoughts and words as I also realise what time I have lost thinking about them. I remember how I would actually pay attention to my thoughts and words after reading ‘The Magic’. It would make me realise how much, as a society, we talk about others quite a lot. It’s as if the need of humans to socialise has taken a new meaning. Whatever happened to conversations over coffee or tea, to catching up with friends, to family get-togethers? All we as a race have come to is gadgets and gossiping, don’t you think? Everyone is addicted to a virtual world in some way or the other, including me. What makes us talk about someone with that feeling inside, that negative feeling! Lately, I have noticed people finding a fault in everything and with everyone. It feels as if I am back in college, not fitting in with the crowd around me. And thank God for that wisdom (if I may say so!)!

It’s saddening that while most of the people are trying to find their happiness, there are still some who lurk in the darkness of hatred. The expression of it is intense as well. It makes me wonder whether we are completely out of patience as a breed in general. Worst of all, the pull of this current is so hard, that you really have to keep your hold firm, in the sand. It’s not easy, but it takes will and good thoughts to keep your feet, your foundation, strong.

One good thing about internet, I have to confess, is the fact that it keeps you updated about all the good things happening in the world. There are so many kind and nice people, projects, activities I have come across through the internet! Whether it’s a small activity or big, it matters! And the best part? People care about it too. There still is a category of humans who care about appreciating simplicity and goodness, while being so too. The fact that someone can appreciate things in life, kind of proves to me that the person is a lovely soul. Where all of us are trying to run behind happiness, another comic by Zen Pencils, ‘On Happiness’, makes me feel wonderful and keeps me grounded. I hope you agree with this one, especially.

(Taken from - http://zenpencils.com/)
(Taken from – http://zenpencils.com/)

An Edible Affair!

When I got married, I was looking forward to the break lying ahead of me. Three years of working in mad schedule (and with equally crazy clients) had made this break a welcome venture. I was firm on taking a break for one year and indulge in all things housewife-ish! More than anything else, I was excited to cook meals as both the mister and I have a very good focus towards food. We are pretty clear about that area in our lives!

In the happiness of setting up a home partially (since we already had most of the stuff!), my husband and I decided to buy a new-age oven. Days of research went by and we finally got one. Both I and my husband are huge, mind you huge, fans of desserts! Cakes are my special weakness and I love cookies too. I fall under the technically-challenged category and we both were quite sure I would need some help. But, never underestimate the power of a housewife – should be a quote. I baked my first cake ever in 25 years of my life without a single glitch! And that was Valentine’s Day, our first after the wedding…

That same Valentine’s Day, I realized my love for baking – the whole process, the judgement of all the ingredients, the anxiety of whether I am doing everything right… And finally when I put the cake batter in the oven, trust me my heart beat as it does for a person who knows it is love at first sight! Thank God, for that first cake came out so well that my love for it blossomed.

Like most of us go through that fear of rejection, so did I. I had the constant fear that this stint will be a short-lived one, but that love came right back at me every time. My fear gradually vanished and our love affair turned into a reliable one. I had this guilt-trip in the middle of all this chaos when I eyed into what unhealthy ingredients are going into my cakes (I became health-conscious, you know). So, I found my way around overcoming the guilt of committing this sin and continued baking (read eating). It was exactly how a love-affair is – the compromises, the sacrifices.

As I continue to bake, yes only cakes for now, I still am excited when I start on a new one. I keep trying new things in cakes and am, thankfully, successful. I am the official baker of the family and everyone turns to me for advice. It feels nice to be in this place – an affair going absolutely gorgeous! Guess who gets happy every time the oven beeps and our tummies are all ears!



To me, migrating has many meanings.

If you look at it, migrating is an everyday thing! You migrate from dreams to reality, from being sleepy to enthusiastic, from dreaming to making your dreams come true. You’re probably migrating from sadness to picking yourself up towards happiness. You’re also somewhere excited about that migration from one city to another, to welcome all those new possibilities and a new life ahead with that move.

It’s a migration from not knowing yourself to finding yourself one fine day. It’s a journey of migration when you stop caring about what ‘other people think’ and start living your life on your own terms. It’s definitely a migration when after years of waiting, you finally find the one who sees only you and pays attention to you. It’s migration when you know you are the centre of the world for someone, and all those years of growing up feeling ignored in the past, vanish in that one moment of realisation…

Today, I am migrating to another identity of my own with a URL to my name! All thanks to my husband! 🙂

I hope you connect with my world here and have a good time reading what I express. Bon voyage!