Of Hatred And Happiness

I was reading this comic by Zen Pencils, ‘The Artist Troll War’, and as most of their comics do, this one stuck to my heart right away. And this reminds me of what I read in ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne, to watch your words and try not to spit out negative ones.

Oh I regret all my negative thoughts and words as I also realise what time I have lost thinking about them. I remember how I would actually pay attention to my thoughts and words after reading ‘The Magic’. It would make me realise how much, as a society, we talk about others quite a lot. It’s as if the need of humans to socialise has taken a new meaning. Whatever happened to conversations over coffee or tea, to catching up with friends, to family get-togethers? All we as a race have come to is gadgets and gossiping, don’t you think? Everyone is addicted to a virtual world in some way or the other, including me. What makes us talk about someone with that feeling inside, that negative feeling! Lately, I have noticed people finding a fault in everything and with everyone. It feels as if I am back in college, not fitting in with the crowd around me. And thank God for that wisdom (if I may say so!)!

It’s saddening that while most of the people are trying to find their happiness, there are still some who lurk in the darkness of hatred. The expression of it is intense as well. It makes me wonder whether we are completely out of patience as a breed in general. Worst of all, the pull of this current is so hard, that you really have to keep your hold firm, in the sand. It’s not easy, but it takes will and good thoughts to keep your feet, your foundation, strong.

One good thing about internet, I have to confess, is the fact that it keeps you updated about all the good things happening in the world. There are so many kind and nice people, projects, activities I have come across through the internet! Whether it’s a small activity or big, it matters! And the best part? People care about it too. There still is a category of humans who care about appreciating simplicity and goodness, while being so too. The fact that someone can appreciate things in life, kind of proves to me that the person is a lovely soul. Where all of us are trying to run behind happiness, another comic by Zen Pencils, ‘On Happiness’, makes me feel wonderful and keeps me grounded. I hope you agree with this one, especially.

(Taken from - http://zenpencils.com/)
(Taken from – http://zenpencils.com/)

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