I am

Ever since a girl becomes a woman, she turns into something else, apparently. It’s like she is reborn with stereotypes for the world. What they don’t realize (apart from a lot of things), is that she changes – inside and out. And then, change is inevitable, right?

Most women are proud of themselves, at least I am, for being one. It’s a pride that is selfless, a pride that she doesn’t realize she has. How much ever you put her in a spot with the modern beliefs that she is fighting for, she still has to come home and make it a home. How much ever you think certain things are just unfair because she is a woman, she has to prove her existence.

But I am proud. Proud that I have so many emotions, that I go through changes in life, that I go through phases from being a girl to being a woman, that I am capable of being Mother Teresa and Goddess Kali. It is the roles I dawn that make me what I am, whether you see it or not. You want to ignore it, criticize it – I’ll still be a woman.

With the added ‘category’ of working women, it comes across as sheer beauty when she goes about her routine. Isn’t it amazing? She manages her schedule to take the best out of time and life. Add to that a marriage, it is a sight when she balances everything and still has time for her spouse. Coming to the housewife – I feel she would be the highest paid if she would be given a salary! So, to me when men say they don’t have time for family because they are busy with work – it becomes void, null.

I am pretty when I am at home in my pajamas, I am beautiful when I dress up right for work, I am gorgeous when I get ready for special events. I am me, a woman, a proud one at that.

In The Light Of Darkness


In the era of vampires and angels, she bore two daughters. The elder one an angel, the younger one a vampire. They were treated very well by their parents, in fact, you wouldn’t be able to make out the difference between the two – both were angels! But as they grew up, the world started to see the difference and to the dismay of the family, talk about it too. The parents had never treated the two daughters any differently, but why was the world around them doing so? After all, serene white wings and halo was a much better sight than those vampire teeth…

They both grew up believing in things their parents had brought them up with. Their beliefs were about to change, and how! When they faced their own different worlds, the angel fared absolutely well, but not the vampire. She was tortured by her near and dear ones who told her whoever and however different she was, she was not an angel like her sister. She wanted to understand how it affected her living the life she wanted to. She didn’t want to stick to her community and their culture; she didn’t want to be an angel as well. She just wanted to be her, even if it meant being a vampire. The world around her was sucking her blood, deep down from her heart and soul. Ha! The irony.

When she got into her business of being a vampire, she met a fellow vampire. He was the friend she had been waiting for all her life. He was just like her, who understood her and the blood sucking world around her. He let her be her, without any discrimination. He saw the real her, because that’s all he could see. She felt elated in his company, she wanted to spend time with him and nobody else. She wanted to grow in the shade of this big tree who prevented her from the harsh rays of the sun. Well, the big tree wanted to protect her too. It was no surprise that they were soon in love, to be married sooner. All her life, she had dreamt of living on her own terms and now she had a partner in crime too! Their parents married them off and they were dwelling in their own charming world. But fate had other plans….

The blood sucking world suspected the vampire wife to be a cruel one, who was feeding off on their blood, now that she had a husband to execute the plan as well. But the couple was stunned to hear the news as they were considered the most harmless in their community. They were put under trial in the court where such grave cases of vampires and angels are heard. The angels misunderstood them and made sure every evidence is against the couple. The vampire community fought till they could and nothing more could be done. The court had passed an order and the punishment was to be borne by the couple. They broke down when they realised that the cruel world would take the lives of not two but three harmless vampires….


When she rose back from the dead, why wasn’t she surprised? Everything was how she had left it before! As if she was dead just for a moment!

The present life wasn’t much different from her previous one. She was treated differently because she wasn’t any similar to her sibling. Although she was the one who would be with everyone in their times of need, she was still not given her own identity. People would only talk about her sibling, how much ever she tried to be herself. They overlooked her genuineness, as if her existence didn’t matter. When she gave up hope, there came along a young man who found her extremely charming and lovely. She was surprised that someone could pay attention to her and of all things, love her for what she has been all through her life! He completely looked beyond her family, her friends, her sibling. He just looked at her and he saw only a partner. He saw nothing beyond her. She found him extremely gentlemanly, charming and she would realise later that he is the anchor in her life – who keeps her rooted to herself.

She was frequented with flashes from the past and she went about them pretty normally. Her worry was the end of her previous life – how would it end this time? She was determined to lead her life, her own way. She was sure the end this time would be much happier and better, with the same partner from her vampire life. Even if it meant hiding away into darkness to lead a joyful life, away from unnecessary people, into love and peace… Vampires who would find solace in darkness through sunshine from each other’s life…