I am

Ever since a girl becomes a woman, she turns into something else, apparently. It’s like she is reborn with stereotypes for the world. What they don’t realize (apart from a lot of things), is that she changes – inside and out. And then, change is inevitable, right?

Most women are proud of themselves, at least I am, for being one. It’s a pride that is selfless, a pride that she doesn’t realize she has. How much ever you put her in a spot with the modern beliefs that she is fighting for, she still has to come home and make it a home. How much ever you think certain things are just unfair because she is a woman, she has to prove her existence.

But I am proud. Proud that I have so many emotions, that I go through changes in life, that I go through phases from being a girl to being a woman, that I am capable of being Mother Teresa and Goddess Kali. It is the roles I dawn that make me what I am, whether you see it or not. You want to ignore it, criticize it – I’ll still be a woman.

With the added ‘category’ of working women, it comes across as sheer beauty when she goes about her routine. Isn’t it amazing? She manages her schedule to take the best out of time and life. Add to that a marriage, it is a sight when she balances everything and still has time for her spouse. Coming to the housewife – I feel she would be the highest paid if she would be given a salary! So, to me when men say they don’t have time for family because they are busy with work – it becomes void, null.

I am pretty when I am at home in my pajamas, I am beautiful when I dress up right for work, I am gorgeous when I get ready for special events. I am me, a woman, a proud one at that.

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