Sometimes my mind wanders off to so many thoughts that I get tired even after doing nothing! Does that happen with some of you too? To keep this monkey mind busy, I resorted to packing (yes, all by myself!) and watching a channel that I’ve been waiting for so long to come! And which also made me happy on the movie appetite as I’m having You’ve Got Mail for dinner! 🙂

As I was about to have my evening cup of tea, the doorbell rang and I completely went into nostalgia after looking at my childhood maid! She used to look after me when I was in class 2. She hasn’t changed a bit in so many years, and apparently, so haven’t I! I was overcome with that warm feeling when we had a hearty chat. There was genuine happiness in her eyes to find out that both I and my sister are married, how often do you get that? We ended up chatting about how the people you know since long are the ones you truly rely on, even without realising it. How it feels normal to go back to such people. And I suddenly realised the meaning of being a ‘grown up’ – there was my babysitter who had taken care of me so well and here I was today, after so many years, to be having an adult conversation with her. Life does come a full circle, huh?

As I watched her leave, I was overwhelmed to realise that sometimes all you need is a memory from the past and you end up feeling so…. normal. At such times, life seems simple to me, doesn’t it? That is the time when nostalgia means something to you.

Vacation Shopping!

Before any vacation begins, one question that always arises is – what to wear?! For guys as well, accept it boys! Probably a tad bit boring part, isn’t it? This whole vacation shopping? Sometimes I wish we had all the categories of clothing ready for us at any time of the year. Technology needs to look into this direction 😉

Shopping can still be done with a lot of enthusiasm, but the boring and hard part appears in the form of – packing! What to pack, what not to pack, will this be enough or should I carry less? Thankfully, I have a husband who can take care of the boring part 😀 One of many important pre-conditions concerns before marrying V was him agreeing to packing when we go on trips 😉 Thankfully, it worked in my favour!

Nonetheless, just the excitement of going on a vacation with the love of your life, has got me into the mode. There is nothing else that can match up to the excitement, the shopping, the packing! And hey, I am not complaining! 🙂

Being Judged

On a hot summer evening, as she gets ready to take her mom shopping, she is asked a question, “Don’t you have anything else to wear? You keep wearing the same thing.” Shattered and irritated at this small comment, she goes ahead with the plan.

Only to wonder all this while, why is she asked such questions especially after being specific about not to discuss such feeble things. But are such simple things feeble? Why do simple things bother one the most? Is this what the world has come to? Or has she become a doll that needs to be displayed well all the time? The dress wasn’t tattered or something, it was a pretty piece. At least she was dressed better than half the population who are not even fortunate enough to afford clothes…

It took her back to all those times when she felt judged. Judged for starting on a small scale salary, judged for not being able to earn as much as others were, judged for dressing up the way she felt comfortable in, judged because her corporate world wasn’t as formal as the usual ones. Judged that she was never financially good.

She wondered if anybody anywhere was even proud of her. Shouldn’t people be happy that she is not demanding and yet, happy? Was it so much to do with appearance than the heart itself? Fears don’t take much time to creep in. Will she be judged for spending on a vacation? Will she be tagged as someone who has a luxurious lifestyle and is a spendthrift?

I am pretty sure if she wore her heart on her sleeve, the shirt would be the topic of discussion, not the heart.

Vacation Mode – On!

You know that little kid who is more enthused about the beginning of summer vacation? Well, picturise a 27 year young girl like that. That’s me.

Finally, V and I get time to go on a vacation away from this sane [;-)] chaotic world. We are going to have insane good time at this vacation! After a long long time, V gets some time off from work and we had to go away to relax. I am more happy for him, as it will give him time away from the dragging routine office work. Thankfully, he is as excited as I am and we are all up for some vacation shopping as well 😉

Travelling has always been an exciting part of my life, and am pretty sure for others too. Every time I think about a weekend getaway, a holiday, a day trip – it just puts me into another mode. It has been inculcated in me since I was a child, simply because it served the purpose of a break! Thankfully, nothing has changed even today. I completely day-dream about the place, and thanks to the internet now, do a lot of research as to what all can be done without spoiling the main goal of the holiday – relaxing! And what better way than celebrating his birthday week that way!

So as excitement gets the better of me, pliss to co-operate with the post vacation posts! 😀

What Makes It Worthwhile

Like a lot of other people, I come from a small town in India. I have spent 22 years of my life in this city called Nagpur where growing up meant being careful of a lot of things. The one thing I am supremely proud of in my life are my parents. I know I can’t have enough of that pride and have probably mentioned that in almost all the posts, but it is true. Why I come back to it again today you ask? Well, it’s a part of being grateful for certain things in life.

I have been brought up in a typical middle class family. My parents are the most humble people I have come across and the first ones I met in my life. I don’t know what changed when or rather I wonder whether the upbringing we have had was normal for that time. My parents were so normal about certain things which I did not see in a lot of my peers. Especially the way some parents would treat their daughters. If I look back now, I realise my parents never spoke of discriminating against daughters and sons. I didn’t come across this discrimination till quite later in life, and that too not from my parents’ side. I and my sister were their daughters, and it ended there. They never once mentioned a wish to have a son, or the fact that we were any less than having one. Our duties, our responsibilities were never thought over by the fact that we were girls; those were just that – duties. My mom never invited us into the kitchen to ‘learn’ the art of cooking. Both of us got interested when we felt like it and we just observed our mother in doing so. If you ask me, I don’t remember when exactly I learnt how to cook. It just came from observing my mother.

When my sister wanted to move out of the city to pursue a career, like any other mother, she was anxious. But she never stopped her; yes she expressed her anxiety but never stood up against my sister’s biggest wish. And then, which mother isn’t anxious for her child? What I find intimidating today is the behaviour of certain parents who don’t want to let go of their daughters to fulfil their dreams. I have seen so many! And trust me, such examples make me thank my parents for making us so independent. In today’s time as well, I look at girls who are scared to take a step towards their life because of their parents and sacrifice on life itself! You know, I remember an incident when we were in college and some relative visited us with his family. The way he forced certain rules on his daughter (well into teens by the way) just in terms of having meals, completely left us flustered! When we brought it up to our mother, after they left, our mother was so confident that we would run away if she had done anything like that to us! We laughed then, and now I realise how confident she was in our independence, our freedom – in us.

I see parents today, and I look at mine. I wonder what made them bring us up this way…. In the end, what makes all of this worthwhile, is the life we have and the way we lead it – with love and freedom – lessons learnt from two most amazing people in my life.