Vacation Mode – On!

You know that little kid who is more enthused about the beginning of summer vacation? Well, picturise a 27 year young girl like that. That’s me.

Finally, V and I get time to go on a vacation away from this sane [;-)] chaotic world. We are going to have insane good time at this vacation! After a long long time, V gets some time off from work and we had to go away to relax. I am more happy for him, as it will give him time away from the dragging routine office work. Thankfully, he is as excited as I am and we are all up for some vacation shopping as well 😉

Travelling has always been an exciting part of my life, and am pretty sure for others too. Every time I think about a weekend getaway, a holiday, a day trip – it just puts me into another mode. It has been inculcated in me since I was a child, simply because it served the purpose of a break! Thankfully, nothing has changed even today. I completely day-dream about the place, and thanks to the internet now, do a lot of research as to what all can be done without spoiling the main goal of the holiday – relaxing! And what better way than celebrating his birthday week that way!

So as excitement gets the better of me, pliss to co-operate with the post vacation posts! 😀

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