Being Judged

On a hot summer evening, as she gets ready to take her mom shopping, she is asked a question, “Don’t you have anything else to wear? You keep wearing the same thing.” Shattered and irritated at this small comment, she goes ahead with the plan.

Only to wonder all this while, why is she asked such questions especially after being specific about not to discuss such feeble things. But are such simple things feeble? Why do simple things bother one the most? Is this what the world has come to? Or has she become a doll that needs to be displayed well all the time? The dress wasn’t tattered or something, it was a pretty piece. At least she was dressed better than half the population who are not even fortunate enough to afford clothes…

It took her back to all those times when she felt judged. Judged for starting on a small scale salary, judged for not being able to earn as much as others were, judged for dressing up the way she felt comfortable in, judged because her corporate world wasn’t as formal as the usual ones. Judged that she was never financially good.

She wondered if anybody anywhere was even proud of her. Shouldn’t people be happy that she is not demanding and yet, happy? Was it so much to do with appearance than the heart itself? Fears don’t take much time to creep in. Will she be judged for spending on a vacation? Will she be tagged as someone who has a luxurious lifestyle and is a spendthrift?

I am pretty sure if she wore her heart on her sleeve, the shirt would be the topic of discussion, not the heart.

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