Sometimes my mind wanders off to so many thoughts that I get tired even after doing nothing! Does that happen with some of you too? To keep this monkey mind busy, I resorted to packing (yes, all by myself!) and watching a channel that I’ve been waiting for so long to come! And which also made me happy on the movie appetite as I’m having You’ve Got Mail for dinner! 🙂

As I was about to have my evening cup of tea, the doorbell rang and I completely went into nostalgia after looking at my childhood maid! She used to look after me when I was in class 2. She hasn’t changed a bit in so many years, and apparently, so haven’t I! I was overcome with that warm feeling when we had a hearty chat. There was genuine happiness in her eyes to find out that both I and my sister are married, how often do you get that? We ended up chatting about how the people you know since long are the ones you truly rely on, even without realising it. How it feels normal to go back to such people. And I suddenly realised the meaning of being a ‘grown up’ – there was my babysitter who had taken care of me so well and here I was today, after so many years, to be having an adult conversation with her. Life does come a full circle, huh?

As I watched her leave, I was overwhelmed to realise that sometimes all you need is a memory from the past and you end up feeling so…. normal. At such times, life seems simple to me, doesn’t it? That is the time when nostalgia means something to you.

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