Visiting US of A!

Year 2014 will be ending on such a good note for me! What better way than to sign off with a trip to the US of A!! My first visa that too a tourist one and to USA!

Finally after missing my sister, I asked her if I could make this trip and she readily agreed. Okay. Also, I have so much time in hand that taking this trip seemed like an awesome option 😀 My husband was kind enough to buy me a visa and thanks to my sister, I am leaving this Sunday for this epic trip! As the day of travelling is getting closer, it is actually a bit unbelievable that I am doing this, alone.

I’ll have so many things to see there, experiencing a new culture, spending so much time with my sister in a new country altogether… It feels great! It’ll also be an opportunity to miss V, which is sometimes needed right?

So, brace yourselves! USA posts and pictures are coming 😀