USA Diaries!

Ever since I have come to the US, I have two posts in the draft and do not have time to continue! It has been a good time here with my sister A and the first few days we would just talk through the day! We’ve been keeping each other busy with stories of life after the big M (marriage)!

Weekends have been busy with travels all around. I landed here at such a good time to see fall. I didn’t even know there could be such pretty colours on trees and bushes – shades of a season that makes you realise nothing is permanent, in a beautiful way. Three weeks in and the trees are already shedding leaves or have rust coloured leaves. I am experiencing winter of a kind that I have not experienced before and it feels good because it makes me realise I have been lucky to travel all the way over here. Who would’ve thought?

While on weekdays A and I spend time at home, we realised that we have never been able to do so before. Of course all the years of growing up together come up but we’ve always had something going on in parallel while we stayed together. Now after all these years, we get time to sit and have nothing going on in parallel, which is interesting in itself because we got to spend some quality time together. What makes it interesting is the fact that we both got married and life changed!

As I stood before the Washington monument one day, I realised how lucky I am to have been given this opportunity of travelling so far away from India. I smiled to myself since it was like a dream coming true. All thanks to sister A and bro-in-law B! It was nothing short of a wow moment; and there have been so many on this trip!

I have so much to write about on the blog about this trip but believe me or not, I didn’t find the time! So although this post comes only a week before I am leaving for home, I hope I regularly update my thoughts and experiences under ‘USA Diaries’!

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