White Beauty

I’m getting ready to leave tomorrow for India. Just like that, 6 weeks are over and I didn’t even figure out how! All through the trip everybody kept wishing that I get to see snowfall, since I am leaving on Thanksgiving day. But I wanted snowfall to happen just before I leave since life sort of comes to a standstill here when it is snowing. I left it at that. Since two days my sister and brother-in-law have been checking the weather and telling me that it’s going to snow just a day before I leave. I certainly wished that happens!

And then came today where my sister woke me up to witness the season’s first snowfall! I woke up to this beautiful white day, experiencing the magical feeling of these pretty white granules falling from the infinity of the sky above me! The whole scene looked so pure in white! The trees that have been stripped off of their leaves were being embraced by snow, as if to tell them that they look pretty even when they are bare. I couldn’t believe my eyes since this is the first time in 27 years of my life that I am witnessing snow and snowfall!

An hour or two later, the snowfall hasn’t stopped and white is the colour of the city, accumulating more of snow. As I felt snow on my hands, it brought me so much happiness to see them settle on me. Moments later they melted away, reminding me gently, that this is what living in the moment means. This is what temporary means. Small joys do exist!

I am writing this post facing the balcony, trying to fill my eyes with as much snowfall as I can! Predictions are that this will continue for almost 24 hours since it started, and I don’t want to miss any of it. I can just imagine the painter above being extremely happy and throwing snow around to create a canvas that I can neither buy, nor preserve. I just have to etch it all in my mind and heart.

It’s a happy thanksgiving for me indeed!

My first snowfall!
My first snowfall!

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  1. It was indeed a special snowfall for you…it hasn’t snowed since then!

    Glad you got to experience snowfall here…it truly is a magical thing and I am glad that Danbury waved you such a beautiful goodbye 🙂

    Very honest and sincere writing…could almost feel your emotions through the post! Love always!

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