A City, An Emotion

The other day, V and I were on our way home from a routine road that I could walk blindfolded. After all, I have an almost 28 year old love-hate relationship with this city – Nagpur. Every road is an etched map in itself.

This city holds all my memories, it holds my life in its hands. Childhood memories, growing up years, college years, friends from all phases, good and bad memories, my darkest secrets – it is holding everything in it safely as I am holding them. Sometimes its scary isn’t it? Or is it not? The fact that your best friend and this city knows everything about you, inside out. Only difference is, one can spill it out while the other will make you go through those moments everytime you get out on these very roads. The city doesn’t care if you had a good time or bad. It just means to show you what your life has been.

And that particular road didn’t exactly bring back good memories for me. But on the other side of that road was an area where I had spent the most fun time of my childhood. This was definitely irony for me. It was like standing at cross roads, only, I had chosen my path way back from this junction. I’m not regretting anything I have done in my life, but this road reminded me how simply blunt our lives can be – in a good way. There’s no need to hide, no space to hold back. Everything is an open book in the form of a city! Sometimes you can’t even look at a building and speed up to avoid it, while other times, you crave to go to another that has been an important part of your life.

The city, its roads, its lanes and by-lanes are a chapter-wise book – you just have to flip through and its similar to being in a time machine. What varies though is, you know how to come back this time. How not to mess up the future. And how happily to live your today.

A city is that part of your soul, which refuses to leave you, how much ever you want it to. On the contrary, its the same city that runs through your fingers like sand, when you try to hold on to it tightly. It’s an emotion of another kind.


Gorgeous Nagpur Sky!
Gorgeous Nagpur Sky!