Plastic Free July Is Here!

I have always been a lover of nature. As hard as it might be to believe, as a child too, I remember being bothered by acts that would disturb the course of nature, including humans.

As I grew up in my teens, I realised I was worried about the cruelty that we were putting our planet to go through. The issues related to water, especially, have always pinched me. I remember scolding my mother and family when I would feel like they were wasting water. I remember saving water after washing grains and watering the plants with it. All when I was a teen. My sister used to call me ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’ because of these deeds!

So it wasn’t a surprise when as an adult, I was getting bothered by more issues concerning our environment. I tried really hard to stick to what I believed in. Until plastics took over us. Then it all went down the drain (now literally).

Thankfully, I have a husband who equally believes in a sustainable lifestyle. Trust me, it’s a big relief when you get a partner who has the same beliefs.

It began with switching to chemical-free detergents and soaps, thanks to my then increasing eczema (which is now totally gone!). Just a day with chemical based soaps, and my hands would start spilling out blood. The organic soaps that I buy really helped me tone down my guilt by a fraction of a per cent and weren’t hard on my skin too. Then came the chucking of sanitary napkins and welcoming the all amazing menstrual cup in my life. In a sentence, it is a liberating experience on a personal level; and a cruelty-free way for the planet.

We started saving our grey-water in buckets about 3 years back. Using it in toilets instead of flushing, and washing balconies if required. Little did I know, after I joined the zero waste lifestyle group, that people were switching to that recently. I was down a notch on my guilt meter again.

Joining the zero waste lifestyle group was very recent, only this year. It happened after I interviewed The Conscious Desi for her attempt at sustainable living in a metro like Delhi. And am I glad I joined that group? Absolutely.

I realised sustainable living was what my grandmother’s generation was following (after which it slowly started getting corrupted). Which made it easier to recognise what we could refuse that is harming the environment.

If a growing city like Pune can have access to – bakeries that sell delicious biscuits without plastics, wholesale grains without plastics, milkmen that deliver milk to your home or in my case, a dairy farm where we can go and collect milk in our own can – it might be easy for you to do it too.

This attempt at a sustainable lifestyle is also helping me explore more about Pune that wasn’t visible to the naked eye!

Thanks to The Conscious Desi, I also came to know about ‘Plastic Free July‘. And if I had to recognise more of my patterns, I knew I had to take up this challenge. So here I am, Day 2 of the plastic free July challenge going successfully. I’m really hoping this works out for me so that I get to follow it forever! I’ll be updating my blog to take you through my journey.

Wish me best!

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