Found You

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My phone chimes early morning with an SMS that simply says, “Found you.”

The text puts me in a state of confusion, yet why do I have a smile on my face? Am I hoping it is someone that I know? Or is it just the humour of ‘wrong numbers’ in this era? Wow, so much from a seemingly non-threatening text. Or should I be worried? Is it worth sharing with my partner?

It’s just a text.

With thoughts running in my head, I decide to pursue the text. What’s the worse that could happen; there’s no winning or losing to it. Oh wait, there is a worse side to it – it could be a stalker. But well, I have been trained as a teenaged girl to know what types of stalkers exist. I should be fine now too, I’m used to this nonsense.

My husband catches me staring at the phone since I woke up and I’m suddenly dawned with the realisation of how many possible situations I have already gone through in my head. Instead of just replying to it. And in that moment, I also realise how constantly threatened the mind of a girl/woman is.

In a still confused state, I reply to the ‘found you’ with, “I’m sorry, who’s this?” I suddenly notice the time of the text in question, it was pretty recent. Almost instantly, I receive a reply,

“So you don’t have my number.” That put me off a bit – why can’t people just answer straight away? Ugh.

“If I did, I wouldn’t ask who it is. Do I know you?”

“You used to, about 8 years ago.”

As if my mind wasn’t stressing enough, this took an unexpected and a somehow creepy turn. 8 years ago? Wow. It could be literally any one. The mind is a tricky organ, isn’t it? In an instant, it is capable of bringing up all the memories you thought you had buried. Mine was scanning through information – in which city was I; how many people I would’ve possibly met – work or otherwise. Some names I didn’t want to remember, popped up too. So much for peaceful mornings.

Suddenly, I didn’t want to find out who it was. If I didn’t have his/her number, it probably was for good, right? Why was I making myself go through something that made no sense, you know, from a third person’s perspective? Calm down mind!

So I decided to respond to the text with, “Hey, either you could tell me who you are or you’re simply being blocked.” Then something struck me, whoever it was on the other end, hadn’t mentioned my name at all! What if it really was a mistake on their end? Damn.

“Rahul from Star.” My heart sunk. In that fraction of a second, I wanted it to be a wrong number so badly. Everything I had struggled to forget, that never was, that could possibly have been. Every single thing that these 8 years were burying under their layers, just seemed to tear through so easily. As if, those layers were never even there.

I should’ve known, this whole text thing wouldn’t lead me anywhere good. Like it didn’t, 8 years ago too. I felt stupid, then. And now.

“I’m sorry, you seem to have the wrong number.”


This story is the outcome of a prompt titled,
You wake up one morning with a text from an unknown number that simply says, “Found you.”

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