I sit next to a sky full of clouds….
Dining table conversations with the sky…

I sit next to a sky full of clouds
Inviting me for a dining table conversation
To stare a lil’ longer into its infinite blue-ness
To rejoice over the bunch of cotton clouds it embraces
I desperately try to find out what we have in common…
The fuzzy clouds one tries to refuse to let go of
In the form of various memories, emotions, grudges and what-nots
While the other lets those pass by, them having done their jobs –
Whether for a reason or a season
The grey ones take over now, clouds
And within seconds, brighter ones follow.
All this while having spoken of in silence
The sky smiles at me
As if holding my hand, goes on to say,
Embrace comfortably enough whatever you hold
Grey or white
But learn to let go, to see a clear blue sky of your own.
Strangely, this turns out to be one of the most satiating conversations I’ve had in a long time
On a dining table.
– Nirupama Kondayya
(As I sat on the table yesterday to read a book, I saw what I’ve clicked as pictures here. And it inspired me to write what I have written 🙂)

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