To me, migrating has many meanings.

If you look at it, migrating is an everyday thing! You migrate from dreams to reality, from being sleepy to enthusiastic, from dreaming to making your dreams come true. You’re probably migrating from sadness to picking yourself up towards happiness. You’re also somewhere excited about that migration from one city to another, to welcome all those new possibilities and a new life ahead with that move.

It’s a migration from not knowing yourself to finding yourself one fine day. It’s a journey of migration when you stop caring about what ‘other people think’ and start living your life on your own terms. It’s definitely a migration when after years of waiting, you finally find the one who sees only you and pays attention to you. It’s migration when you know you are the centre of the world for someone, and all those years of growing up feeling ignored in the past, vanish in that one moment of realisation…

Today, I am migrating to another identity of my own with a URL to my name! All thanks to my husband! 🙂

I hope you connect with my world here and have a good time reading what I express. Bon voyage!